Real estate guru Margo Allan tells Basta Boatlifts exactly how a boat lift can benefit you long-term! An amazing Windermere realtor, Margo is a Washington waterfront property expert. With ten years in the business and a deep local knowledge of the area, she’s trusted to know the true value of your waterfront home. Read our questions answered directly by her!


How would you say having a boat lift influences the value of a home?

“Hugely positive impact!  A boat lift protects the dock. If an owner did not have a boat lift, the boat would damage the dock during storms and/or excessive wave action. And it protects the boat! ­­­”

Do potential waterfront buyers want to know if there’s a boat lift at the house?

“Definitely!  With cities now requiring permits for lifts — which is an expensive hassle — an existing lift can save a buyer time, $$$, and headaches.”

What questions do buyers ask of you?

“Which lift company to use. You know my answer!” (Basta Boatlifts)

What should buyers know about owning a boat lift or a dock? Do they need special insurance?

“A buyer should ask their insurance broker if a damaged/ruined dock is covered as part of their home-owner’s policy.”

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