Basta Boatlifts Debuts New Boat Lift at Seattle Boat Show That Cradles Boats with a Custom-like Fit

Innovative Boat-to Bunk™ design and plug-and-play fittings create elegant solution for boats up to 6,700 pounds.  SEATTLE—Jan. 26, 2017 – Boat owners attending the Seattle Boat Show will be delighted to discover a new boat lift from Basta Boatlifts (Booth East 1115) that provides a custom fit “off-the-shelf” for boats up to 6,700 pounds without [...]

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Understanding Hull Design

When it comes to the intricacies of boating, the learning never stops. Understanding that each boat has its own personality and attitude in the open water is undeniable. Boat design is one of the major factors that affects how your boat behaves. The way in which a hull is shaped changes a boat's efficiency, stability, speed, [...]

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The New Wave of Drones

As we all witness, drones continue to grab people's attention from the sky...but what about the sea? Underwater drones are a success in many a lost ship or treasure expedition, and are now looking to be a triumph in the recreation sphere. Learn here, how there is hope of affordability and availability with these unmanned submarines. There [...]

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Household Items That Make for Better Boating

Sometimes you need a little imagination when it comes to boating problems! Here are some examples of how household items saved the day in cases of forgotten items to engine troubles. You will be surprised by how versatile and helpful some plain, ordinary kitchen items can be! Read up here, so you will be ready to turn on [...]

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What To Do If You Run Your Boat Aground

You never think it'll happen to you... you're in new waters, your depth sounders not working, there could be a million different reasons, BUT you somehow ran your boat aground! Now, instead of panicking and making another mistake, make sure you read up on the right steps to take next! Here are steps to take [...]

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Tips for Towing a Rider

It's officially summer, meaning the lakes are full of skiiers, tubers, and wakeboarder....oh my! But remember that knowing how to correctly tow a rider is key to their safety! Check here to make sure you have all the correct gear and have taken the right preparation, so you can start towing and tubing to your heart's desire!

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Basta Boatlifts “Fun On The Water ” Photo Contest Rules

OFFICAL RULES: BASTA BOATLIFTS “FUN ON THE WATER” PHOTO CONTEST EXTENDED NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN CONTEST DESCRIPTION: Basta Boatlifts Fun On The Water Photo Contest –begins at 10:00 a.m. on May 13, 2016 and ends on June 18, 2016 (“Contest Period”). The Contest provides entrants with an opportunity to submit photos of themselves [...]

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Finding the Right Boat Lift

Choosing the right boat lift is about as important as choosing the right boat! Know your boat, know your dock, and know your boat to pick the best lift for you! Read more here from Sam Basta & other experts all about the information you need to be aware of when choosing a lift!

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Spring Boating Preparation Mistakes

Spring is here! That means it's time to get the boat out, and get ready for cruisin' in the sunshine! To make sure your boats ready, read up on these eight spring boating preparation blunders from BoatUS employees, so you don't have to make the same mistakes!

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3D Printing for Boats

The ability of 3D printing is progressing faster and faster as we live and breathe. They've made robots, attempted to recreate human tissue, so making a boat shouldn't be too hard, right? Check out a small scale approach to start exploring the possibility of 3D printing boat parts. See an instance where some individuals have created and [...]

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