Basta Floating lIFT

A game-changer in open-water mooring.

The most versatile lift on the market.

Boat Lift Features

Explore what makes our lifts superior.

“Saves us time & money”

“We’ve been using the Basta floating lift here for about two months now. It’s been fantastic. It’s a great tool for us with the club to get the boats back into the slip. It’s easy for the members to get in and out of. Beyond that, the access it gives us to the bottom half of the boat that we would otherwise never have. When the boat’s just coming into the slip, typically in floating with fenders and such, it’s fantastic.” – Erik, CareFree Boat Club

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Standard Specifications

  • 12′ Total Width (9’6″ Beam)
  • 11,000lbs Capacity
  • Free-standing hydraulic lift re-charged with solar power
  • Touch-of-a-button seamless launch
  • SuperCush™ Rubber Bunks


  • Capable of open water mooring
  • Can be side tied to an existing dock
  • Transforms to bottom-resting should your needs change
  • Expandable by 6″ increments to accommodate wider vessels
  • Compatible to 12′ slips

Features that just make sense:

  • Adjustable Super Cush rubber bunks
  • Solar Charging system
  • Patented-Pending Over-Center Technology
  • Durable foam-filled floats – made with USCG approved foam
  • Fiberglass Dock Box
  • 12 Watt Solar Panel (Mounted)
  • Two Wireless Remote Control Key Fobs
  • Stainless Steel Cylinders
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder Fittings & Hose Ends
  • Manual Control Switches in Power Box
  • Duplex-bonded Synthetic Hydraulic Hoses
  • Delrin Bushings at Every Pivot Point
  • Balanced Load H-Frame Featuring Over-Center Gravity Locking Position
  • Long-Life Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Fluid
  • SuperCush Bunks

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