Basta BOatlifts FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

You can email our Service Team at [email protected] or call 1+ 425-641-8911.

We provide regular Factory Service for Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish in Washington State. We provide both a la carte service and annual service memberships in these areas. To learn more, click here.

If your boat lift is outside our immediate area, we’ll help you contact your authorized Basta Boatlifts dealer. Fill out this form and we will match you with the dealer closest to you.

Our Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid is specifically approved for Basta Boatlifts, therefore, we cannot guarantee its compatibility or effectiveness with other boat lifts. We recommend consulting with the manufacturer or supplier of your specific boat lift to ensure the proper fluid for your lift.

Each boat lift capacity is slightly different. The best way to tell if you have enough fluid is to lower your boat lift fully. When the boat lift is in the fully lowered position, the fluid level should be ~1” from the top.

Reference this form for assistance.

Basta Boatlifts come with complete and detailed installation instructions for customers that want to install the lift themselves. Depending on the size of the lift, 2-4 people may be required.

We recommend customers utilize our network of Authorized Basta Boatlifts Dealers to install your boat lift and provide you regular maintenance. If there is not an Authorized Basta Boatlifts Dealer in your area and you do not know a reputable installer already, give us a call. We would be glad to help you find and qualify an installer. If you choose to install the lift yourself, carefully follow the instruction manual provided to you.

If you have any questions or challenges, please give us a call at 1+ 425-641-8911.

Lifts are sized based on weight capacity. For example, we call our hydraulic jet ski lift a 2k for 2,000 lbs. capacity. You will see the k rating on your invoice. On the lift you will see a capacity sticker on the H frame that has a weight rating. Lastly your owner’s manual will have the capacity in it.

If you are not the lift’s original owner and cannot locate the invoice, manual, or rating sticker, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for help.

Your boat lift will lift up to its stated capacity. Do not attempt to lift any more weight than the boat lift is rated for. This capacity is TOTAL weight, so make sure you are not just looking at the dry weight specified by the manufacturer. Usually that does not include fuel, water, coolers, accessories, etc. If you are unsure of the weight of your boat or you think it may be close to the lifts capacity, you can trailer your boat to a weigh station then subtract the weight of the trailer.

Depending on the year of your lift the Basta brand or Nyman brand should be labeled on the bunk rail and inside the power unit box on top of the control panel. If you don’t see a label/sticker in either of those places, send us a photo to [email protected] of the lift and the box with the lid open and we will help you identify it.

Each boat lift capacity is slightly different. The best way to tell if you have enough fluid is to lower your boat lift fully. When the boat lift is in the fully lowered position, the fluid level should be ~1” from the top of the reservoir.

Reference this document for assistance.

Our lifts are designed, fabricated, and assembled in the greater Seattle area, (USA).

M-F 8:00am – 5:00pm

Search “Basta Boatlifts” in your browser and see our Google my business page for up-to-date hours and holiday closures.

If we have it in stock, right away. If we do not, lead times for standard lifts are typically 2 weeks from time of order.

You can purchase new remotes here and can have up to 4 different remotes programmed for each lift.

See our remote control fob replacement sheet found at this link.

Click on our Remote Control FOB Instruction Sheet for easy directions on how to program your lift remote. You can also reference the video below for additional assistance with programming.

How to Program a Current Model Basta Boat Lift Remote

Our solar panels are 12W. While that does not sound like much, it is just enough. Slow and steady “trickle charging” is optimal for battery longevity. If you are someone who uses your boat lift several times a day and are finding the battery not charging fast enough, let us know. We can discuss the best solution for you.

  • Main Battery- We suggest using a Group 31 AGM battery. This is a lead acid deep cycle battery. Currently our charge controllers are not compatible with lithium batteries.
  • Remote Control Fob Battery- See our Remote Control Fob Instruction Sheet to find the battery for your specific fob.

If your boat lift is stuck in the fully upright position, please follow these troubleshooting steps in order:

  • Is the main power on? Check by using the rocker switch labeled On/Off inside the box. Switch to ON.
  • Is there power? Ensure there is at least 11.5 volts on the main battery
  • Does the manual up/down switch work?

If your lift starts and stops as you are raising or lowering the lift it is likely because the main battery level is on the verge of too low.

Our remote-control key fobs cut off and do not work if the main battery voltage is below 11.5 volts. To solve this, charge your main battery.

If you need to operate the boat lift before the main battery has time to charge, you can operate the boat lift with the manual Up/Down switches inside the power unit box. That switch does has a lower voltage cut off.

This should only be done to safely raise or lower your boat, do not continue to use the boat lift in this low voltage state.

Yes, the boat lift will operate normally using the manual Up/Down rocker switch. We recommend you use the remote key fob for safety and convenience.

A slow-moving lift could be caused by several things:

  1. Overloaded boatlift- it is imperative to the safety of you and those around you that you do not attempt to lift more weight than your boat lift is rated for. You can find the boat lift capacity on a sticker on the H-frame of your boat lift. Solution: Time for an upgrade!
  2. Clogged hydraulic fluid filter- We recommend you replace your biodegradable hydraulic fluid every 3-5 years depending on use. Solution- Fluid Flush. You can find more information on performing a Fluid Flush at this link.  If you would like that service performed for you, call your local Authorized Dealer or if you are on Lake Washington or Lake Sammamish in Washington State USA, call the Factory Service team at 425-641-8911.
  3. Low main battery- If the battery that drives your hydraulic pump drops below 11.5 volts, your boat lift is not operating at its peak performance. This may be because:
    • You have used your boat lift faster than the solar panel can recharge the battery- Solution: call us for multiple options depending on your situation.
    • Your solar panel may be dirty and not operating optimally. Solution- clean your solar panel with water and a sponge.
    • Your battery may no longer be holding a charge. Solution- replace battery.

This is not a straight forward answer. It depends on what is making the noise.

  • The most common noise comes from the pump when it is time for a fluid flush. Visit our Support page for instructions to do a fluid flush yourself. If you would like that service performed for you, call your local Authorized Dealer or if you are on Lake Washington or Lake Sammamish in Washington State USA, call the Factory Service team at 425-641-8911.
  • If the lift frame itself is making noise, we will need to know if this is happening when it is being raised or lowered or both and approximately where it is coming from. Pictures tell a thousand words, but video chats are worth a million.

Only Basta provides certified Basta Replacement Parts. Using other aftermarket parts is not recommended and can nullify your warranty.

Basta Boatlifts sells parts and accessories over the counter at our SeaTac location and on our website. If you know what you need, its best to call/email ahead and make sure we have the part in stock so it can be ready for you when you arrive.

If you are not local to SeaTac, all our parts are available on our website, with free shipping on orders over $50.

Because there are several different models of canopies, please completely gather the measurements for this form and email it to [email protected]. If you would like that service performed for you, call your local Authorized Dealer or if you are on Lake Washington or Lake Sammamish in Washington State USA, call the Factory Service team at 425-641-8911.

Basta maintains inventory of many parts for lifts up to 20 years old. Email us at [email protected] to see how we can help.

We offer our exclusive SOLO peaked roof canopy design that features a sleek and durable design for modern aesthetics.

We offer Patio 500 translucent, Sunbrella Marine and Weblon Coastline Plus. Both the Weblon and Sunbrella are offered in many different colors.

You can find more information on canopy fabrics in the “Features” section of our Canopy Page.

Use the instruction sheet below to add hydraulic fluid to your boat lift. It is important that you both only use Basta Boatlifts biodegradable hydraulic fluid, and that you only add fluid when the boat lift is in the down position.

Click to access Hydraulic-Fluid-Sheet-half-page-L372-0002A.pdf

For most national and international customers, you will notice no changes, with a brief delay in shipping between November 19th through 28th. For local Basta customers used to coming by the factory for parts or service – the answer to your questions are below!

Basta Move FAQ’s:

Q: Are there any dates Basta will be closed?
A: You may continue to place your orders anytime during our regular business hours during the move, but you may experience a delay in delivery of your orders between November 19th and November 28th.

Q: How will this affect my service?
A: Good news! You should see no changes in your service at all. Our service crews will continue providing service for Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. For satellite lakes, your service will remain with your local Basta dealer, per usual.

Q: Where can I buy Basta parts in person?
A: Though our new SeaTac factory location will offer parts pick-up the same as before, we understand that may be too far for some.

Through our network of local dealers and marine industry professionals, we are pleased to offer several parts will-call locations. The primary location is at Northwest Water Sports, at 8710 Willows RD STE C, Redmond WA. Northwest Water Sports will stock staples such as Basta hydraulic fluid, and parts not in stock can be ordered for pickup on a later date.

You can also utilize our online Basta Store, where most orders over $50 ship free!

Q: I am a member of the Annual Service Plan; what does this mean to me?
A: Basta remains the leading service department for Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. Our service teams will to provide timely and consistent service. We look forward to continuing to serve the heart of the boating community in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Q: Can I come see the new Basta factory?
A: We are SO proud of our new digs – we would love to show you around! However, we are in for a few months of organizing and making this new space our own. We plan to schedule time for tours around the upcoming Seattle Boat Show (winter 2022) and look forward to hosting you then.

See our remote control fob replacement sheet found at this link.

Generally, we recommend storing the lift with the bunks raised above the water in its over-center, locked position. This prevents the bunks from unwanted slime and other build-up that happens naturally over time.

In special circumstances where the lift is sheltered away from the general public, and there is no risk of bodily injury from swimmers, you may store the lift in the lowered position. This may help extend the lifespan of the cylinder(s).

For aluminum boatlift models, if you experience a lot of wave action during the winter months, you will want to leave your boatlift in the “up” position because aluminum is a lightweight material and more prone to shifting.

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