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We aren’t shy to admit – we build the best.

Sure, anyone can say that. But we know we back it up. There are several unique ways in which Basta delivers a superior product. So read along, and learn how we build the best.


Beautifully Styled Aluminum

Lightweight, easy to relocate and adjust. Perfect for lakes with fluctuating water levels, and locations where the lift needs to be moved seasonally. Basta makes some of the most stylish lifts in the industry, that are a tasteful addition to your dock.

Strongest Steel

Basta engineers the ONLY galvanized steel over-center™ hydraulic boat lifts in the industry. Perfect for deep water and rough conditions. The most rigid over-center boat lift, period. Extremely durable, and will stand both the test of the elements, and time.


Single-Cylinder Design

Multiple cylinders means multiple sets of parts to service, and more things that can go wrong. A common misconception is that with a dual-cylinder design if one fails the other is a backup, but that is not the case!

Full Contact Bushings

Basta is the only company using bushings at every pivot point. These bushings reduce wear and help maintain the lift’s integrity. You will notice your lift wears well over the years, especially compared to the competition.


Our strong H-Frame design makes our lifts solid. With the piston pushing the H-Frame across the full length of the lift (instead of just from one end), you get the smoothest over-center lift in the industry.

Hydraulic Over-Center™ versus Cables

Cable lifts are known for their sway – they do not hold your boat firmly in place! A hydraulic over-center lift holds your boat stable and strong. Cables that are not regularly maintained AND replaced can break. When this happens, a boat on a cable lift falls and could cause serious damage to life or property. If the cylinder, pump, or motor were to fail on an over-center hydraulic lift while the boat is resting, the boat would not move. We created and patented the over-center gravity design in the 1990’s, and there is a reason it remains the gold standard today.

Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Cylinders

Basta is the only boat lift company to offer chrome plated stainless steel cylinders as a standard feature across its line of lifts. Made of stainless steel, they resist corrosion better than any other material, and will last years longer than the competition.

Thickest Bunks

Basta offers the thickest rubber bunks in the industry on our aluminum line, made to support every inch of your running surface with care. A fantastic option for an extremely solid finish.

Best Warranty & Manufacturing

Built By Hand

With our factory located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Basta is proud to manufacture their lifts in the United States.

Best Warranty

Our warranty tops all others, with 16 years of structural warranty offered on both our aluminum and steel boat lift lines.

Dedicated Staff

Our incredibly experienced and dedicated staff are the heartbeat of our company. With managers, designers, and engineers offering decades of tenure, our team lives and breathes Basta every day. We would  not be who we are without their love for our company, and devotion to our mission – to build the best boat lifts the industry has to offer!

Protect your investment.
Spend more time on the water.