LARGE runabouts

The ultimate docking experience.

No hassle, touch-of-a-button operation.

Customizable for your unique docking arrangement.

Aluminum Boat Lifts

7,800 LB Capacity BOAT LIFT


Features you will love:

  • Easily adjustable for fluctuating water levels
  • Lightweight for seasonal removal (pairs perfectly with our Wheel Kits)
  • Gorgeous styled aluminum extrusions – the most attractive look for your dock
  • Exceptional boat lift choice for runabouts approx. 25 feet in length


Galvanized Steel Boat Lifts

8,000 LB Capacity BOAT LIFT
10,000 LB Capacity BOAT LIFT
12,000 LB capacity BOAT LIFT


Features you will love:

  • Incredibly stout build, perfect for rough water areas & heavy vessels
  • Size-to-fit, or go up in capacity rating to accommodate future boat purchases
  • NO FLEX, even with heavy boats and inclimate weather
  • The most common boat lift choice for runabouts 25 – 27 feet and larger


Basta Floating Lift

11,000 LB Capacity BOAT LIFT


Features you will love:

  • Versatile mooring options – including salt & open-water
  • Deep floats give ultimate protection from rough water
  • Experience the ease of 360° access to your hull – easily clean & inspect your investment
  • 40 second launch time – get on the water FAST


For especially deep water, steep slopes, or soft lake beds, Basta offers Deep Water and Sill Leg Brace Kits.