Seaplane Lift

P66 Seaplane Lift

Seaplane Lift


Seaplane Lift Price Includes:
• Two Wireless Remote Control Key Fobs
• Hydraulic Power Unit with Solar Charging Panel
• Legs & Feet



Spec sheet seaplane Lift 66

P66 Metric

Seaplane Features

Rubber Pads Cushion the Pontoons

Basta Boatlifts understands the docking demands necessary when handling flying watercraft. Securing a seaplane is unique, they are relatively light for their size and have a wide beam.  Our seaplane lifts are engineered with an oversized galvanized steel underwater structure. This hybrid lift is topped with an aluminum platform frame covered with attractive light penetrating reinforced polymer panels.  Long-life rubber pads protect the aircraft’s pontoons and our patented tapered  tie-down clamps ensure firm anchoring points

  • Stainless steel cylinder fittings & hose ends
  • Duplex-bonded synthetic hydraulic hoses
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Hydraulic power pack housed in a strong and attractive white fiberglass dock box with stainless steel hardware and lockable lid
  • Two wireless remote control key fobs
  • Manual control switches in power box
  • 10 Watt solar panel securely mounted on top of the fiberglass box. Can be remotely installed or used with a simple “float” charger
  • Hydraulics use a special long-life, environmentally friendly fluid

Note: Platform lift uses a  Group 29 deep-cycle marine battery. Battery is not included.

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