Aluminum boat lift

7,800 LBS Capacity

  • Available with 53” or 65” or 72” Vertical Lift
  • Hydraulic Power Unit with Solar Charging Panel
  • Wireless Remote Control Key Fobs
  • Full Length Super CushTM Rubber Bunks


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Tech Specs 




Standard Features

  • Fiberglass Dock Box
  • 12 Watt Solar Panel (Mounted)
  • Two Wireless Remote Control Key Fobs
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder Fittings & Hose Ends
  • Spartan Power Battery Cables
  • Manual Control Switches in Power Box
  • Duplex-bonded Synthetic Hydraulic Hoses
  • Delrin Bushings at Every Pivot Point
  • Balanced Load H-Frame Featuring Over-Center Gravity Locking Position
  • Long-Life Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Fluid

Protect your investment.
Spend more time on the water.