Receiving your shipment:


Here at Basta Boatlifts, we package our shipments to protect your products so they make it to you safely without issue. However, due to large turnover and demand in the trucking industry, now more than ever, customers need to be proactive when receiving shipments and preserving the ability to win a damage claim. Below are some tips when receiving your shipments if any damage occurs.

Take pictures. If you see any obvious or concealed damage of your shipment, take color photos of your product. For concealed damage (which includes any missing items, or product damage inside boxes or containers in your shipment that are not readily visible), you need to inspect, photograph, and file a claim with the shipping company within 5 days of receiving your product. When in doubt, take more photos!

Take notes. Drivers will provide a delivery receipt for you to sign at the time of drop-off. If you see obvious damage, notate everything you see on that delivery receipt before signing it and letting the driver leave. If notes are not made on the delivery receipt, then it is considered a concealed damage claim which you need to file within the 5-day window, or the carrier will not be held liable for damage. Thoroughly check for any missing items from the shipment which may have been lost in-transit and call Basta Boatlifts if you have questions.

HINT: When making notes on the receipt, be sure to include “Receiving subject to protest until inspected” to put the carrier on notice that a claim will most likely be made. Rejecting the shipment altogether may result in penalties and fees, so taking photos, accepting the shipment, and noting damage on the receipt is the best course of action.

Keep your sales invoices on hand. Should you need to file a damage claim, the carrier will need proof of purchase, including any freight costs, to send any possible refund.

Keep everything from the shipment. This includes damaged items, including packaging, until the claim has been finalized with the carrier. Legally, the carrier has 120 days (about 4 months) from the filing date to deny, pay, or offer settlement for the claim and may elect to inspect the damaged products within that timeframe.


Protect your investment.
Spend more time on the water.