Ski Boats

Early-morning pulls with a touch of a button.

Easy and quick docking.

Endless fun.

Aluminum Boat Lifts

4,500 LB Capacity boat lift


Features you will love:
  • Easily to adjusted to accommodate fluctuating water levels
  • Adjustable with quick-release gravity latching pins with large handles that swing down to lock securely in place – no nuts and bolts to remove and reinstall that can be lost in the water.
  • Available with the coveted Basta SuperCush™ Rubber Bunks!


Galvanized Steel Boat Lift

5,000 LB Capacity boat lift


Features you will love:

  • Strong and stout, perfectly handling rough water shorelines
  • Cylinder is off center allowing for skags that are centered on the boat
  • All you need is 16″ of water!
  • Fan-favorite boat lift for private ski lakes
  • Easy fit inside boat houses


Basta Floating Lift

11,000 LB Capacity BOAT LIFT


Features you will love:

  • Versatile mooring options – including salt & open-water
  • Deep floats give ultimate protection from rough water
  • Experience the ease of 360° access to your hull – easily clean & inspect your investment
  • 40 second launch time – get on the water FAST