Throwback Blog: Unveiling the Power of Basta Boatlifts’ 18,000 LB Galvanized Steel Lift

[Author’s note: This blog entry was originally published in 2020. We are throwing it back to celebrate one of our incredible boat lifts and share the captivating installation process with you. Enjoy!]

Boat lifts have long been recognized as a fantastic way to secure your boat at the dock and make your lake experiences a breeze. While many boaters are familiar with the concept and the general benefits of boat lifts, the full extent of what they can accomplish often remains unknown.

Did you know that boat lift sizes range from those designed for personal watercraft to those capable of accommodating considerably sized yachts? At Basta Boatlifts, we take pride in producing boat lifts that can withstand weights of up to an impressive 50,000 pounds!

Today, we want to shine a spotlight on our remarkable 18,000 LB lift. This galvanized steel lift is a true heavy-duty marvel, and its installation process was something truly captivating to be a part of. We can’t wait to share the journey with you!

To begin, the lift and all its components are meticulously manufactured at the Basta factory in Bellevue, Washington. However, due to its substantial size, the final assembly takes place elsewhere. In the case of this particular lift, it was destined for a dock on the beautiful Lake Washington. After being skillfully packaged on a pallet, the lift commenced its journey to Waterfront Construction on Lake Union.

Once the lift arrived at its destination, a crane carefully unloaded the pallet, and the construction crew began assembling the lift on-site. When the lift was fully assembled, Waterfront Construction lifted it onto a barge, ready for its voyage to its new home.

The Basta technician’s work is done! For today…

The following day, the barge embarked on its journey from Lake Union to Lake Washington. The tranquil trawling process took approximately one and a half hours. Upon arrival, the barge’s captain maneuvered it into position and dropped two large pilings onto the lake floor to temporarily secure the colossal vessel at the dock — the lift was far too substantial to be merely tied up!

The Waterfront Construction barge arriving at the dock. On the right side of the barge you can see the large pilings that will be dropped to hold the vessel in place.

Once the vessel was safely secured, the crane operator carefully hoisted the lift off the barge, hovering it over the designated slip where it would find its permanent residence. With utmost precision, the crane operator slowly lowered the lift into the water. Below the surface, a team of dedicated divers worked diligently to ensure that the lake floor was clear of debris and prepared to support this massive structure. Additional tasks, such as running hydraulic lines, installing bunks, and ensuring the assembly was tight and stable, were meticulously completed. The lift was then left to “settle” on the lake floor for about a week, allowing its weight to firmly establish itself before accommodating the large vessel.

This 18,000 LB boat lift will house a 36-foot yacht. An amazing sight!

One week later, the most exciting part of the process arrived—the boat’s arrival! The vessel was briefly loaded onto the lift, allowing it to settle completely and the bunks to align themselves perfectly. After the boat was removed, necessary adjustments were made, some of which only became visible once the lift bore the weight for the first time. Nuts and bolts were tightened meticulously, and finally, the lift was ready to embrace its role as the permanent home for the stunning 18,000 LB yacht.

Just take a moment to admire this extraordinary setup. Our galvanized steel lift is a symbol of strength, engineered to endure even the white-cap days that Lake Washington is so well-known for. We are thrilled to have shared the story behind the Basta Boatlifts’ 18,000 LB galvanized steel lift with you. We think it’s pretty cool, and we hope you feel the same!

Thank you for joining us on this throwback journey, and stay tuned for more amazing boat lift stories and insights from Basta Boatlifts.

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