Why is my lift working slower than normal?

A slow-moving lift could be caused by several things:

  1. Overloaded boatlift- it is imperative to the safety of you and those around you that you do not attempt to lift more weight than your boat lift is rated for. You can find the boat lift capacity on a sticker on the H-frame of your boat lift. Solution: Time for an upgrade!
  2. Clogged hydraulic fluid filter- We recommend you replace your biodegradable hydraulic fluid every 3-5 years depending on use. Solution- Fluid Flush. You can find more information on performing a Fluid Flush at this link.  If you would like that service performed for you, call your local Authorized Dealer or if you are on Lake Washington or Lake Sammamish in Washington State USA, call the Factory Service team at 425-641-8911.
  3. Low main battery- If the battery that drives your hydraulic pump drops below 11.5 volts, your boat lift is not operating at its peak performance. This may be because:
    • You have used your boat lift faster than the solar panel can recharge the battery- Solution: call us for multiple options depending on your situation.
    • Your solar panel may be dirty and not operating optimally. Solution- clean your solar panel with water and a sponge.
    • Your battery may no longer be holding a charge. Solution- replace battery.