The ultimate docking experience.

No hassle, touch-of-a-button operation.

Customizable for your unique docking arrangement.

Aluminum Boat Lifts

4,500 LB capacity Boat Lift
6,700 LB capacity boat lift


Features you will love:

  • Easily adjustable for fluctuating water levels
  • Lightweight for seasonal removal (pairs perfectly with our Wheel Kits)
  • Size-to-fit, or go up in capacity rating to accommodate future boat purchases
  • 100% hand-crafted, custom aluminum extrusions beautifully accent your dock


Galvanized Steel Boat Lifts

5,000 LB Capacity boat lifts
7,000 LB Capacity boat lifts


Features you will love:

  • Incredibly stout build, perfect for rough water areas
  • Popular in areas where the lift remains in-place year-round
  • Specially crafted to accommodate sport boat tracking fins
  • 5,000 LB “ski lake lift” ideal for shallow water installations


Basta Floating Lift

11,000 LB Capacity BOAT LIFT


Features you will love:

  • Versatile mooring options – including salt & open-water
  • Deep floats give ultimate protection from rough water
  • Experience the ease of 360° access to your hull – easily clean & inspect your investment
  • 40 second launch time – get on the water FAST

For especially deep water, steep slopes, or soft lake beds, Basta offers Deep Water and Sill Leg Brace Kits.